Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I just gotta write something

I recently moved within a mile of the school where I work and have really enjoyed walking to work most days. This has been both a blessing, and a curse.  I love that I have time to wake up with a refreshing walk in the morning, but I now have roughly 30 minuets of uninterrupted thinking time every day. As a result, I have a lot on my mind, and I intend to bang much of it out on my recently resurrected blog.

 I feel like a walking paradox, I need to process and get some things worked out of my system, so expect future topics like:
1. I am an outspoken voice for the Flipped Classroom concept, but I hate the phrase "Flipped Classroom."
2. What I really think about The Khan Academy, and why I love and hate it all at once.
3. Why I teach public school, serve on the board of directors of a private school, but homeschool my own children.
4. This is my last year (at least for the next 6 years) as a classroom teacher, and why I'm taking a break.
5. Why I am both excited and frightened for education in the next 15 years.
6. Why I long for simplicity.

 Thank you for reading this rather pointless post, please provide me with feedback on what you would like to hear from me.  I'm sure I need to tweak some blog settings, so let me know.


Ryan McClintock said...

Aaron, I'm curious about your next six years. What will you be doing?

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